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Robert Masterson

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My name is Robert Masterson but people call me Bobby.

I’m 20 years old and my hobbies consist of playing airsoft with my friends, hanging out, using my computer to invent/making things and preparing for anything that comes my way. Over the last summer I witnessed a lot of changes not only in the environment, but in me as well. Weather was drastically changing, even for Massachusetts and as for me, living and working with my uncle who was a contractor, sharpened my thought process.

I would look at things I’d see on TV or in a magazine and would try and think how things would work, internally and externally. Eventually I would draw my thoughts out and attempt to make them myself. Around November, I was looking at everything in a greater perspective. Gas prices expected to reach five dollars a gallon soon, which would affect everything.

So I started to stock food and basics and put together a bug-out bag. Being part of a community that believes in similar things as me and practices and prepares for any type of disaster makes it easier to look past the uneasy looks from others when you tell them you’re a preper. I can say now that if it hits the fan now I would be prepared to relocate and not only live but thrive.

So I’m happy to share my thoughts, give tips and answer questions.

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