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Marsha Donaldson

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APN Health Columnist

Marsha Donaldson, BS, MT/CLS(ASCP), CNHP, recently celebrated forty years as a healthcare professional.  As a registered Medical Technologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist, she has worked in every aspect of Laboratory Medicine, with many of those years spent either supervising or teaching others.


For the past 3 years, Marsha has been the Laboratory Coordinator of Continuing Education and Safety at DCH Health System in Tuscaloosa, Alabam.a.  This position has led her to become increasingly involved in the area of Emergency Preparedness, both for her job and  her personal life.


Marsha’s passion for natural medicine began more than thirty years ago after being introduced to the healing power of nutritional supplements.  In 1999 she became a Certified Natural Health Professional. (CNHP).  Since that time, she has received many certifications, some of which include:  “Essential Oils—Training Level I”, “Wilson’s Thyroid Syndrome”, “Personalized Metabolic Nutrition”, as well as becoming certified as a “Light Emission Therapist” after completing basic and advanced training in “Lymphatic Detoxification Therapy”.


Other classes attended were “Healing the Emotions with Bach Flowers”, “Touch for Health—Level I” and  CNHP Capstone classes “Iridology”, “Enzymes”, “Reams Testing” and “Tongue, Face and Nail Analysis”, as well as several courses in Nutrition and Herbology through Trinity College of Natural Health.

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