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Kris “Shoestring” Watson

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APN Getting Started and Homesteading Columnist

Kris is always surprised when she is called a “senior citizen”.  While she may look her age, she certainly doesn’t feel it, nor act it!

A 60 year old, partially disabled, divorced grandmother who lives “not quite in poverty, but you can see it from here”, Kris has been a practitioner of Extreme Frugality for many years.

Armed with a deep and abiding faith in God, and after losing her income, her marriage, her home, most of her personal belongings, and her health, Kris began her self-sufficiency adventure with great determination.  Then, as the signs of economic collapse became obvious, Kris increased and expanded her efforts, chronicling her passion for prepping, with the expected successes and failures, on her personal blog.

An expert in “living well on practically nothing, as well as “trial-and-error gardening”, Kris also has a passion for inspiring and encouraging others in the “art of hard work, the science of thrift”.   She has taught classes on frugal living, alternative cooking methods, home canning, making your own cleaning products, no-knead bread, basic cheese making, and more.

As prepping becomes an essential part of the American landscape, Kris hopes to be a real life, down-to-earth example for those who feel it is too challenging, too expensive, or too late to get ready for what’s coming.


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