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Jan Kelly

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APN Getting Started In Preparedness Columnist

Jan Kelly has been prepping and homesteading all of her life, she just didn’t know there was a name for it.

Even as a small child, Jan was involved in gardening, food preparations, canning, learning to shop and spend wisely and building up ‘reserves’ for the winter months. As she got older she was part of a local girl scout group that practiced certain survival skills (building shelter and fires, etc.), as well as learning the mantra to ‘Always Be Prepared’.

Jan always carried what she had learned and experienced with her through life and always had a car for of supplies, a bag of some size and type with her at all times with what she deemed important at the time, and a storage space with extra supplies.

It has only been in the last couple of years that she’s heard all the buzz about ‘prepping’ and people going back to the ‘homesteading’ life. Back to – she hadn’t realized it was a lost lifestyle. She also wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about regarding prepping. Didn’t everyone ‘prepare’ for hard times, winter months, electrical outages, storms, etc.? Now she was curious and had to research.

Turns out that not only are most people not prepared for the long-term, but many are not prepared AT ALL for any kind of interruption in their daily conveniences. And so began her mission to help inform and educate the public on basic preparedness and the pride and secure feelings that come with learning to homestead (on any scale).

Join Jan here on the American Prepper’s Network for her weekly look into ‘Getting Started Prepping’ and ‘Homesteading’ topics. Also feel free to join her on her own blog at TheHomesteadingPrepper.com for even more insights and tidbits.


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