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Lets Talk- Talk Time

February 17, 2019 Jordan Smith 0

So with so much going on in the Smith household, I honestly let everything get away from me. So it will be an open show on any subject that comes to mind. So come into the chat and help drive our conversation. Its an open show for the listeners to real…

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2019 Survival Gear List

February 15, 2019 James Walton 0

This is a sponsored post for one of my great clients Self Reliance Outfitters. They are part of the reason we have the Prepper Broadcasting Network. I am a huge fan of their products and while many of these survival gear picks are simplistic, th…

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Be Spring Ready

February 10, 2019 Jordan Smith 0

Regardless of what the weather may be doing, we all know that Spring is just around the corner. Everyone knows that very soon the planting season will be upon us. It is never to early to plan for your garden.
We have Richard, from Old World Farms back….

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Prepping For Mars! – The Next Generation

February 8, 2019 Ryan Buford 0

As kids we were sometimes told to reach for the stars. For many of us, being an astronaut was a childhood dream or ambition. But few manage to hang on to that dream like our special guest this week, Alyssa Carson.
This week on The Next Generation, we …

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Preppers Survival Review – Budget Get Home Bag

February 5, 2019 James Walton 0

The average American spends a lot of time away from home. We hustle and maybe its too our detriment. Its long hours in the office and dizzying schedules outside of work. Most of us store the bulk of our preps at home, so what happens when a disaster st…