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Delivering a Baby on Your Own During a Disaster!

February 24, 2017 gman 0

Delivering a Baby on Your Own During a Disaster! Giving birth to a human life form is the privilege that nature has granted women. It is a wonderful feeling to become a mother. You feel responsible for your child and are always protective towards it. You always strive for perfection when it comes to providing … Continue reading Delivering a Baby on Your Own During a Disaster!

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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: EMP-Korea Concerns & Discussions

February 24, 2017 3ADScout 0
Photon Guy wrote:
So after reading this thread I looked up Dr. Pry on the internet and I must say he sounds like somebody who knows what he’s doing when he talks about the possibility of an EMP threat. I’ve heard and seen him speak on youtube videos and I would like to meet him if possible. I would like to know if he ever attends prepper expos and conventions, I would want to go to one that he’s at.

Photon Guy, you might want to reach out to ReadyMom she has organized events where one of Dr’s Pry’s friends who was active with EMPact America spoke. I have been fortunate to listen to Dr Pry, Ambassador Woolsley and others who champion EMP defense and cyber-protection. There was a big conference on EMP up in the Buffalo, NY a few years ago but I don’t know if that is a yearly occurrence.

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Prepper Fiction • Re: The Fall

February 24, 2017 Cast Iron 0
LetsPrep11 wrote:
I love how I’m pulled into another world while I read this story. I don’t want it to stop! Keep it going CI!!

Thank you LetsPrep11.

As long as you keep reading, I will keep writing.

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Guns • Re: Misconceptions About Pistol Sights

February 24, 2017 handyman777 0

Everyone has a good point. I have to agree with terp, for a self defense shot you don’t have time to use ANY sights…I practice with (gun empty) in the house and use a electrical outlet for my target, about 30 ft, thats about 3″ by 4″ square…point-aim and than “check my sights” to see how close I am. 90% of the time I’m dead on.

Don’t know if this makes any sense but this is my way of (point-aim) practice. Works for me.

Now if you can do this and hit a 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper or 9″ paper plate with live rounds at 10 yards (and no sights) I would think you have a good defensive shot.

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Guns • Re: Misconceptions About Pistol Sights

February 24, 2017 terrapin 0

BK, I see what you’re doing. ;)
Being a little sarcastic. That’s okay. I like humor of all types. :thumbup:

I knew when I posted, I was gonna catch some crap.

I actually agree on “the force” thing.
Just not with eyes closed. :rolleyes:

It all comes down to how you practice; with sights, or without.
I learned to shoot using sights. I believe that sights are good.
I use sights when time and other factors allow.
After I became proficient with sights, I began to work on off-hand shooting.
Now, I have options.
Most folks claim that their pistol is for self-defense.
We all know that most of the time, in self-defense cases, the offending party will be within a few yards.
In these cases, a fast response can make a big difference.
When the target is farther away, by all means, use your sights. I will.

Bk, we have both been here on APN for years. I respect your opinions.
We don’t always agree. That’s alright. We can still get along.
Have a good day, my friend.

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Prepper Fiction • Re: The Fall

February 24, 2017 Cast Iron 0

Claire pulled off the dirt road and into the short drive to the rental single wide. She parked her bicycle in the shed, and closed the wooden door. As she approached the wooden stairs to the door of the faded red and white trailer, she was suddenly filled with a sense of dread and stopped.
Was Jason awake? How would he react to her going and trading ammunition for food?
After a brief tour of the market, Jess and Debbie helped Claire trade for as much food as she could take back with her. The small backpack was full with two cartons of eggs, a loaf of bread, butter, blackberry jam, and several small plastic bags of dried herbs.
And she still had what Jess called, “change left over.” Four, fifty count boxes of the .22LR ammunition of the ten boxes she brought to trade in the bottom of the backpack along with her water. Claire was going to leave the water to get another loaf of bread, but Jess and Debbie advised against it. Jess told Claire of a man who came through recently who had been on the road for several days and was out of water.
As they went about the market looking for things Claire could trade, the women told her of different things that had happened around the community since, “The world stopped,” is what Debbie called it. There was a brief mention of the civil war, but both women did not want to discuss it and after an uncomfortable moment, pressed on to how everyone was growing as big a garden as they all could. Livestock breeding programs, wild game management programs, water management programs, seed trading program and more. There was a serious on-going bridge card game tournament. The community school drama club put together three plays a year and a musical.
When Claire asked about news from outside the area, Jess shrugged.
“We used to get news from some of the other HAM operators. A lot of them have gone quiet, especially once winter set in.”
“A few said their batteries were not charging as much as their solar panels could put out and had to conserve energy for other things, heating most likely,” Debbie chimed in. “We know some lost their solar panels due to bad storms.”
“This winter was bad. Once it warmed up enough to get patrols to the other homes further out, we found some did not make it,” Jess said simply. “Starvation. Froze. One house the roof caved in under the weight of snow. One fire. And a few houses that were just empty. No one there. Just gone.”
“Even closer in we had a few incidents. Accidents, suicides, a homicide. A few of the elderly just passed on,” Debbie added.
Claire nodded but said nothing.
Once finished, Jess and Debbie invited her back to sit and talk sometime over hot tea. One of them was usually at the market at least a few times a week. Claire thanked them and was on her way back. She enjoyed the nearly effortless downhill ride, but could already feel the earlier ride to the market in her legs and butt. She was really going to feel it next morning.
Despite only being gone for a little over two hours it felt like days had gone by as she stared at the door, one foot on the bottom wooden step, still hesitant to go in.
Would he be mad? Would he yell? Would he give her that look her father used to as he yelled at her?
Claire sighed, and opened the door.
She stood in the door way listening.
Jason continued to snore from the bedroom.
Claire sighed again, but this time it was one of relief. She was certain there would be yelling once Jason awoke, but she had an idea and set to it.

As predicted, there was yelling. But it was short lived as she set a plate of three butter fried eggs, two thick cut pieces of toast, slathered in butter and blackberry jam on the table. His stomach was audible even from across the room. Jason immediately took a set and took a bite into the toast. He did not say anything but for the first time she can remember, Claire heard him sigh.
Even though it was instant coffee from the MRE accessory packs, it smelled heavenly.
As Claire made herself another egg and toast, she repeated most everything Jess and Debbie told her. She left out the ladies invitation to tea.
“Civil war?” Jason stopped eating.
“I do not know. It seemed, personal? Like they personally lost someone or something. They were clearly uncomfortable.”
“We did hear shooting several times and sounded even like firefights last year.”
Claire nodded and sipped her coffee.

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Grizbrb wrote:
I use the Kindle Fire 7″ … indle+fire
With the removable MicroSD card is there really any limit on storage .

I cant see how there is. I know it was unlikely I was the first to think of this, but it deserved a post to keep the idea circulating.

I literally just found this review researching a metal trash can for a faraday cage on amazon….She mentions the kindle right in her review seen here….

“I used this can to make a Faraday cage, and it works great for that. I lined all of the can, as well as the lid, with cardboard, and was able to get a good seal without using the metal tape around the edge of the lid. (To determine whether the seal is adequate, you can put a transistor radio inside the can, and if it stops playing when you put the lid on, the seal is adequate. I tested it before I lined the lid, but the seal was not sufficient to stop the radio, so I lined it with cardboard and that worked fine.) At some point, I do plan to seal the lid with metal tape, just to be sure, and I hope that I will have enough warning to do that before we get an EMP. But if not, I feel pretty good knowing that it should work OK without the tape, and it only took a couple hours to line it with the cardboard. It sure is a lot cheaper than the Faraday cages you can buy, and it holds a lot of ‘stuff,’ as well. I stored a Coleman lantern with its batteries and extra batteries, 2 transistor radios and a short wave radio, a laptop computer, a solar charger, A bunch of all sizes of batteries, several flash lights, a camera, a Kindle tablet, a cell phone, and a bunch of smaller things. I wrapped most of the stuff in bubble wrap, just to be sure it doesn’t touch any metal. I really hope that “the real thing” never happens, to determine whether it works like it’s supposed to, but at least I have some peace of mind knowing that we should be able to “protect” some of the working electronics that we can no longer live without.”


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Food & Water • Re: Russian “DACHA” for good food … and relaxation

February 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Inmar wrote:
Thank you!
where the “like” button here?
probably have little messages and I’m not allowed

There is no “Like” button here.

If you want, you can use “quote” button on someone else’s writing like I did showing what you wrote here above like I did for your writing.

Then you can tell them what you think about what they wrote.

It will let everyone know what you are writing about that persons response.

I know very little about Russian culture first hand….. Only from media reports and history books. We know media lies so I will form my own opinion.

Thank you for sharing about the Dacha….. The “Log cabin or Log house” as we call it looks great. very peaceful.

So, is the Dacha more a Vacation home or a second home? it does not sound like a “primary residence” the way you describe it……

Nice talking with you Inmar.

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 24, 2017 dmwalsh568 0

While I have plenty of physical books for critical info that others might need if I’m not around to help, I also prep a Kindle Touch and my iPhone. I have a 20W solar panel system and a bunch of Lithium battery packs to keep everything charged up in an extended grid down event. My wife has a Kindle Fire, but I don’t trust it in a long term event since the current unit is the 3rd she’s had in 3 years…the charging port keeps getting broken and will only charge if you hold the cable just right.
My Kindle Touch is currently loaded with over 1500 books from light reading to education to medical info. Assuming it doesn’t get caught out of a faraday cage during an EMP event or broken by some oaf (like me), it will last for years with or without the grid and be a great portable library. Easily put in my backpack if I need to bug out along with the solar panel system.
My iPhone also has the Kindle app on it and about 200 books, mostly light reading, but lots of tech info and a bit of prep info (first aid, and foraging guides with pictures.) But I also have a map program that doesn’t need the cloud…it has downloaded maps of the entire US, Canada and Mexico (my choices, not fixed selections.) Best thing about it is that if the GPS satellites continue to work, then I have a fully GPS capable map system wherever I go, at least until the phone breaks (I can charge it via that same portable solar system…) If you have an iPhone look for an app called Free and very useful. Every summer I use it up on Prince Edward Island despite not having an international data plan.

For entertainment, I do have some light reading books, but mainly it’s decks of cards and board games. Last time I checked, I have over 20 board games and at least 25 unopened decks of cards (not sure how many open decks I have scattered around the house…) Whenever I see a store closing out old inventory, I check out the games section and buy anything interesting to add to the collection. Drives the wife nuts, but as long as I keep it stored away she doesn’t freak out at me. :evil:

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Food & Water • Birch sap

February 24, 2017 Inmar 0

A good product…
Delicious and natural …
You can find it only in the forest, and never – in the store …
It is necessary to follow the rules of the workpiece ..
Here, in Wikipedia misspelled

We have to do this:
1. Go into the forest at the end of March – early April
2 Select birch, it must be “thick”
3. Now collect the juice ..
– Take 1-2 mm drill bit, drill a hole in the Andes stvoleyf at an altitude of not less than 1.5 m;
– Drilling depth – not more than 1,5 cm;
– Put the “trough” for draining birch juice in a jar;
– Close the gauze to fly did not get …

Wait for 1 day …

You collect about 2-3 liters of juice.

Then make sure to:
4. The hole in the birch should be closed “bee with pitch” …
It is a natural substance that bees produce

Otherwise, birch die ..

Take the birch sap from birch trees – it is normal for the tree!

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Introduce Yourself • Re: Hello American friends

February 24, 2017 Stahlrosen 0

Yes, they are very nice dogs. This one we imported was a Belgian Malinois. I thought it was funny that they train their dogs with many close countries, and when they get together they all speak English. Guess that is easier than learning many languages! Kyrana “speaks” Russian though. My Husband says she barks with a Russian accent :)

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 24, 2017 NJMike 0

I’m a fan of physical books. I go to a rummage sale twice a year and always come home with at least one bag of books. I have 2 full bookcases worth of books related to survival, prepping, gardening, first aid, etc. Plus maps. Have to have maps. And I’m sure others here on APN have more than what I have…lol.

Even with all the physical books, I don’t dismiss the idea of electronic media as a backup and as a source of information when evacuating. My books would have to remain behind in some scenarios.

My current electronic backup is use of PDF and other files stored on thumb drives. I find myself downloading maps and articles (farming, gardening, etc.) from a computer and straight to thumb drives. The thumb drive sticks are more portable than a tablet, can be more easily protected from shock/the elements, and will work across many more devices. They are also concealable. I have one that’s really small, about the size of a quarter. And they are cheap. I just picked up a 32G for under $10 at a KMart store closing sale. They had more so I might be going back. For $50 one could duplicate information or records across 5 of these, encrypt the files, and keep them in 5 separate locations (e.g.- home, work, vehicle, person, and out of state at family or friend’s place). That’s more pricey to do with 5 Kindles.

That said, I do have a Kindle Fire HD 16GB that I picked up during Black Friday sales for $60. I also have a solar panel that I’ll be working into a kit to be able to keep the Kindle charged. So I’m not far off from eventually having something similar to what DR1VEN suggests.

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Gardening • Re: Less than legal plants

February 24, 2017 ajax727 0

Things might get real bad for states that the people voted to legalize pot . My point here is that the people not the state or the federal controllers voted for legalization . The will of the people of said states voted and it is the will of the people by their vote that changed there state laws . The question of state rights by the power of the vote by the residents of the said states verse federal law will now come into question ?
I can not stress the point of the rights of the people of each state who used the power of the vote to change there laws on pot enough . Just as Trump became our president by the will of the people by there vote placed Trump into office if was not the feds nor the state who voted but the people . To infringe on the rights of the people in a state that voted to change the laws that they are governed by , that states rights should not be infringed upon , even if federal law and state law are on opposing sides .

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Food & Water • Re: Russian “DACHA” for good food … and relaxation

February 24, 2017 lndtrdr 0

I asked why an engineer would spend all of his weekends at the dacha. I was told that that the food grown at the dacha was worth much more than his salary as an engineer. And I was told that this dacha food was very important for most families. Perhaps it is an overstatement to say that it is needed to “survive”. Still they were wondering how I could live without a dacha. I like your view of the dacha as a place for good food and relaxation. Your pictures of a dacha are much better than the ones I saw.

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Food & Water • Re: Russian “DACHA” for good food … and relaxation

February 24, 2017 Inmar 0

Russian DACHA
History, philosophy and ideology …
1. The first position …
In the mid-19th century, the rich people of the Russian Empire, that slave in the city, very much like to relax in nature … Since the city – hot.
Therefore, the Emperor allowed to sell their land for a summer holiday ..
A typical family:
– A man working in the city comes to the DACHA for the weekend
– His wife and children live in the DACHA all summer
– Servants work and raise vegetables, fruits, flowers …
This is done for recreation and leisure …

Read Chekhov …!!!!
2. The second position
After the 1941-1945 war, the ..
The hunger and devastation …
Stalin allowed the workers to distribute land for free, so they grew fruits and vegetables …

You are viewing this myth “DACHA for survival” in this period

3. The third position
mid 60s – 70s …
In the USSR built, “good socialism”
Land – for free …
Enter “Rules dacha construction”:
– The minimum size of land = 600 m2
– Electricity – no more than 2 kWh
– Summer water
The USSR provides it for free … !!!
House, sewers citizen does he …

4. The fourth position
The first half of the 90s ..
USSR collapsed …
“Rules dacha construction” are not canceled:
The state will not give you anything
Russia has entered Capitalism

5. The fifth position
Everything is very expensive …
Citizens are only DACHA, which got in the USSR
Fruits and vegetables are grown for the entertainment of old age ..

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Water • Re: Galvanized steel pipes

February 24, 2017 arkieready 0

Of course there are homes with galvanized pipe for water supply. It’s old school, but still out there. To determine what your supply lines are, look under the sinks, where the water comes in, before the shut off valves. Look up in the basement or crawl space, from where the supply enters the home and is dispersed through out.
Galvanized pipe is dull, silver (and often rusty looking) metal (tap gently with a metal object). Copper tubing is, well, copper colored reddish brownish bronzish. Pex/poly could be black, white, blue, red. PVC is white plastic-y, cpvc is yellowish. What did I forget?

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Food & Water • Re: Russian “DACHA” for good food … and relaxation

February 24, 2017 Inmar 0
lndtrdr wrote:
When I was in Russia, I was asked about my dacha. He was surprised to hear that I don’t have one. He asked how I could live without a dacha. At that time in Russia (1997) the food grown at the dacha was worth much more than a common salary in the city. Most families needed a dacha to survive.

during 1997, it was very difficult, because the crisis ..
As for the “Most families needed a dacha to survive.” – do not make me laugh…
where you got this information?

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Food & Water • how to keep bread fresh?

February 24, 2017 Inmar 0

I spent a few weeks in America, and then talked to the Americans …
We have – different mentality, so maybe you do not understand me …

Americans say:
– Our bread is very soft and it does not get stale and does not rot for a week;
– We love to bake their bread themselves, buy flour and cook

But, nevertheless, I suggest you find out:
– American bread is really very soft …
even more…
to get the consistency of “Russian bread from the American”, you have to squeeze the American grain 2 times …
– The Americans produce bread from genetically modified corn .. Russian produce only their natural grain.
Genetically modified corn banned in Russia!
In this way…
Bread in Russia hardens for 1 day.

Now let’s see …

The problem is this:

1. Assume that you like “natural bread”
2. Do you live far from the village and there is no store
3. You – a lazy person and do not want to prepare their own bread, or do not like going to the store every day ….
Do you like to eat fresh bread every day ….

How to do it?

1. You buy a lot of bread …
2. Each roll, you must turn in a plastic bag … Always – sealed !!!!!!!
3. Put all the bread in the freezer (not in the refrigerator [b]ONLY in the freezer!)
(By the way .. good to have 1 refrigerator and freezer 1, then the freezer will have a large volume, you can keep it not only bread but also mushrooms and berries that you have collected in the forest … They maintain physical consistency)
4. Bread can be stored in the freezer for several months ..
Then you do so:
– In the evening to get a loaf of bread out of the freezer and leave on the table ..
– The night she thawed
– In the morning you eat fresh bread with butter and cheese, drink coffee or milk[/b]

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Food & Water • Re: Russian “DACHA” for good food … and relaxation

February 24, 2017 lndtrdr 0

When I was in Russia, I was asked about my dacha. He was surprised to hear that I don’t have one. He asked how I could live without a dacha. At that time in Russia (1997) the food grown at the dacha was worth much more than a common salary in the city. Most families needed a dacha to survive.

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Food & Water • Russian “DACHA” for good food … and relaxation

February 24, 2017 Inmar 0

The concept of “DACHA” in Russian translated by foreigners, as the “country house” or “cottage” …
This is not entirely correct.
In fact, almost every family of urban residents in Russia has “DACHA”.
It is used:

1. are You a young man? (14-30) .. then you go to the “DACHA” at the weekend, to barbecue, swim in the river, picking mushrooms and help parents … Youth – the lazy

2. You – middle-aged? (30-50) … then you go to the”DACHA” on vacation to engage in construction, carpentry and help parents …

3. You – an old man? retired? (50 -) … you live in the “DACHA” …
You do absolutely everything:
– Building;
– To grow vegetables and fruits!
– To collect mushrooms, fishing;
– You are helping young people and educate them, because they are – lazy
Here interesting:
Older people grow vegetables visaut GMO introduction and fruits.
They conserve them for the Russian winter.


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Introduce Yourself • Re: Hello American friends

February 24, 2017 Inmar 0

The Guys and Ladies, hello!
I lived in America 1999, as a tourist in Florida and North Carolina ..
Now, in Russian Information about America it is very affordable, as people talk in forums …
Nevertheless, there is a misunderstanding in:
– Philosophy
– Ideology
– Policy
– Building
– Survival in extreme situations ..
I am primarily interested in the construction and Survival …
Regarding the first point – I believe that my best to communicate with offline users, and then to consider these issues.

Of course we will talk about politics, but first about the construction, life, nature …
Man was created for creative …

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Cooking Alternatives Off Grid!

February 24, 2017 gman 0

Cooking Alternatives Off Grid! Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian” Over the last couple of years, I have had the chance to try a lot of different off grid cooking options. From home made solar ovens to open fire methods and everything in between, I found out a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Actually, … Continue reading Cooking Alternatives Off Grid!

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Cin wrote:
It says unlimited ACCESS to 10,000 movies,books, apps. Doesn’t say they’re kept on the machine, only that you can access them.

So if the grid goes down all over, will any of it even be ACCESSIBLE?

I don’t know how it works, just asking.

This is the Kindle fire, just as a kids version…I have 2 of them already. A regular fire and now the Kid version.(sucker has better storage than mine does!) One I’ve had for years and this one is the same but based around kids but they both store anything you download on the device. I have about 90 books on mine and always leave it with WIFI off and in airplane mode(Completely unconnected) reading my books so I go about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks in-between charges and I read daily for at least 30-60 min each day. that why there’s 16GB standard and expandable with the additional 200GB…to store things. that’s what memory is for.

They keep all applications, books, and movies ON THE DEVICE without any access needed to the internet.

you only need internet to download and run applications that require connectivity like with games where you play against other people online.(Even though you’d have the ability to still play those same games offline but just on the device.)

I know about cheap books…. I have an entire library full of all types.

And I’m not talking cat in the hat stuff here although it would be good for entertainment…

I’m talking resource here….An entire library of prepper medicine, herbal remidies, how-to books, etc….. that’s the real gem but with that much storage you can have all you need, games for entertainment, medical apps, some resource books for education, spelling games for kids as an example, ALL IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND!!! no carting around an entire library I a grid down SHTF situation.(Let alone daily use like I use the 2 I have now.)

EBooks are almost always cheaper than paperbacks and hardcovers brand new.

With kindle unlimited there is 10’s of thousands of books for download($10 per month when you pay)…the only downfall with unlimited is having to return a book when I think you have 10 of them to get the next one.

But if you buy them, they yours forever…you keep them on the device accessible anytime the battery has power. As much as it’s memory can hold.

There are thousands of free books with an Amazon Prime account.(I have been a Prime member for about 9-10 years…too many benefits to list really with Prime)….And every month there is a list of free downloads that the New book authors put out for a few days to get lots of reviews that excels them to the top of the charts to be Featured as strong sellers once the charge a price.(got to act quick before they start charging for it)

Here was a free list I received just the other day as an example. I get these weekly almost…(provided by a local pepper group to me and a very hard working individual…amazing really. Thanks LD, please keep up the hard work. it’s appriciated…)

I cannot take credit for this list and don’t wish to…Every single one of these were free to download with unlimited or like $2.99, $1.99, $.99, $3.99, etc. to purchase forever.

****You don’t have to, but if you do download any of these for free and ENJOY the book…Do the author a solid and write a review…it helps them immensely.

Always check price before purchasing as it might have returned to full price.

Survival Hacks: 34 Survival Hacks That Will Save Your Life in an Emergency Life or Death Scenario … B01N55YNZF

A Treatise on Grain Stacking Instructions how to Properly Stack all kinds of Grain, so as to preserve in the best possible manner for Threshing and Market … +preserves

Recipe Hacks for Canned Soup … anned+food

Canned Fruit, Preserves, and Jellies: Household Methods of Preparation U.S. Department of Agriculture Farmers’ Bulletin No. 203 … preserving

A Study Of American Beers and Ales … +book+beer

A Treatise on the Brewing of Beer … +book+beer

Basic and Complex Bread Machine Cookbook: Flavor, Texture, Aroma the Experience in Bread Making … +book+beer

Wine Making: For Beginners – Discover The Joyfulness Of Home Wine Making … +book+wine

A Queens Delight The Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying. As also, A rightKnowledge of making Perfumes, and Distilling the most Excellent Waters … +book+wine

Baby’s First Foods: 25 Healthy Purees … +baby+food

Preppers & Survivalists: A Beginner’s Guide … ok+prepper

Survival Communication: 20 Ensure Ways To Connect With Your Family While Cataclysm. … ok+prepper

Preparedness and Survival Guide for Beginners … ok+prepper

Every Step in Canning The Cold-Pack Method … ok+prepper

Happy, Healthy, and Prepared: Top Tips From the Hosts of The Survival Mom Radio Network … k+survival

You guys starting to get the picture here???

:drool::drool: With the removable 200GB memory card you could fill as many as you want and just switch them out back and forth as needed in or out of a Grid down/SHTF scenario!!! :drool::drool:

Someone please show me I’m missing something…I’m going off what I know on my main Kindle and just a little exposure to the Kids version…Its really just a Kindle Fire, but with parental controls and a extra protective case and no questions ask replacement for 2 years….

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General Homesteading Topics • Re: Storeing Oil / Lard

February 24, 2017 jean11 0

I’ve been saving my bacon grease in the refrig until I have enough to pressure can a number of pints. My first batch of bacon grease I filled to within 1 inch of the top of the pint jar – and I learned that was a mistake. The boiling grease splattered the rim of the pint jar during processing, and those jars did not seal. I now fill the jars 2 to 2 1/2 inches from the top and no longer have the problem. My next canning project is to can 8 pounds of butter. I canned butter one other time and the processing turned out fine. I learned a lesson here as well. The butter I bought was salted, and the end product was enough to make my hair stand up. This time I’m doing a mix of salted and unsalted which is what the recipe suggested in the first place.

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Check In Here Washington Preppers • New communication Network inland northwest NE WA

February 24, 2017 RollingwithR 0

Hello, we’re new to the site, not to prepping. We have a bug in location in the forests of NE WA. We actually bug in for a full year without resupply every other year, just to test ourselfs and our preps. We like to say were particle prepers, preping for a world worth living in. This means you won’t find a nuclear bomb shelter or decon rooms and gas masks among our preps. It’s just me and the wife and really who would want to live in a nuked wasteland or inside a freaking condom for the rest of their life? Maybe if we had kids to worry about having full lifes then maybe, but we dont so…
We have been preping as a bug in location for years now. We have finally been able to call our bug in preps complete, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. No its just time for the next step, turning our bug in property into a small self sustainable farm. That’s actually what got us onto this site, posting looking for a like minded person or persons to help with tending a farm during the even years were forced to abandon our safe little bug in palace and re join the rat race. I figured why not take full advantage of this site and reach out to other preppers within 100 air mi of kettle falls WA, in an effort to set up a communication network with like minded people. This could be email and phone #s but it should also include radio call signs and chanels you monitor just in case the grid dose go down. This network could be uesed just to say hello I’m here or for our own amusement for now, but after a shtf scenario the radio call signs could set us up with a invaluable source of news msg chains and even trade if your with in the 100 air miles.
Just to be clear by we I mean me and my wife so iso single prepper and the like please don’t respond. But we welcome any local true prepper contacts.

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AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

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AWOL on the Appalachian TrailAuthor: David MillerLabel: Lake Union PublishingManufacturer: Lake Union PublishingPublisher: Lake Union PublishingStudio: Lake Union PublishingBUY NOW

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 24, 2017 donba 0

I have two Kindle’s that way one for each hand while driving down the road. Who needs a phone. Now to get serious, as I under stand it, the books are on the device, unless stated that they are in the cloud wherever that is. We can plug into the truck for charging I also have a solar panel to charge the truck. We have an older lap top and thumb drives of downloaded info, that will also plug into the truck. We also have a few real books to carry along……

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